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Pay as you go
Full 1 Hour lesson
No car sharing, Every lesson is 1 to 1 and Excellent value! Check out my competition, Most national driving Schools and some local schools are charging around £28-30 and some large national schools charge even more, They have staff in large offices taking calls from prospective pupils which reflects in the price they charge. As an independently run school I can offer you the best value for money at only £27 for a full hour lesson.
Further Instruction
Motorway Lessons (2hr minimum)
Definitely worth considering either as you´re learning or after you´ve passed. This will give you the experience and confidence to navigate the motorway safely.
Pass Plus
When you have passed your Driving Test, seriously consider taking the Pass Plus Course, it´s an additional 6 hours of more advanced tuition and will make you a safer driver, lots of Insurance Companies will offer discounts on your Insurance that often exceed what you paid to do the Pass Plus Course.
Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

Get in the driving seat with a professional driving instructor in halifax.
Lee Albons Driving School
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